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Jowar Coconut Cookies

Jowar Coconut Cookies

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Sown & Grown with Love:

A Delightful Fusion of Jowar & Coconut that’s Twogood Twogether! Our Jowar Coconut Cookies are a refreshing fusion of two joyous ingredients - Coconut and Jowar. Baked to cheer your tastebuds, this supergood superfood comes to your rescue when your hungry tummy growls for another delicious snack in the middle of the day!


The Ingredients:

Jowar flour(60%),whole wheat flour(Atta) (40%), aerated bakery shortening(trans fat free), custard powder, baking powder, leavening agent (E-500,E-503), Emulsifier (E-322), Antioxidant (E-319, natural identical flavouring substances (coconut), refined sugar, iodized salt. Contains wheat and soya.




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