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Ragi Elaichi Cookies

Ragi Elaichi Cookies

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Sown & Grown with Love:

The Supergood Wonderfood - Ragi Elaichi Cookies!


Our Ragi Elaichi Cookies are literally pulled out of a magician’s hat (us being the magicians here, of course!). Loved by kids and parents alike, this super healthy cookie is nutritious and delicious at the same time. Made with Ragi, these cookies are packed with Fiber, Protein and Magnesium and helps in keeping you fuller for longer too!


The Ingredients:

Ingredients- Nachani flour(60%),wheat flour (40%), aerated bakery shortening(trans fat free), milk, baking powder, leavening agent (E-500,E-503), Emulsifier(E-322), Antioxidant(E-319), natural identical flavor(elaichi), refined sugar, iodized salt.




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